Working for the SRE

A compelling working environment

Working for SRE involves a fascinating, demanding and internationally-minded environment, as well as and being part of a highly diverse team. The SRE is one of the key actors in Luxembourg's security apparatus and is committed to the protection of the country and its inhabitants. It collects and processes information from a preventive perspective to ensure the government is fully informed of all matters pertaining to security as they unfold. To fulfil its mission, the SRE works closely with partners in Luxembourg and worldwide.

A wide range of professional opportunities

From cyber-security specialists and legal advisors to translators and nuclear proliferation analysts, the SRE recruits people with a great variety of skills and capabilities – in addition to employing operational agents on the ground. The service's work includes extensive contacts and exchanges with partners at national and international levels. Training courses and specialised seminars also offer rewarding opportunities to meet other experts from all types of background.

The average age of the team is currently 42 and 37% of the staff are women, including the SRE's current directorate.

What qualities are we looking for?

The service is not suited for adventurers. It requires qualified employees with a genuine interest in national security. A lively mind, a good working attitude, emotional stability, a spirit of initiative and relish for teamwork are essential, along with high degrees of discretion and availability. Also important is fluency in different languages, including ease of both written and verbal communication. Due to the nature of our activities, you need to be available for travel as well training on a regular basis.

Members of the SRE are recruited and employed according to the requirements set out in applicable legislation and regulations. Vacancies are announced on the govjobs website. All employees hold a security clearance appropriate to the degree of sensitivity of their work. To obtain clearance in order to be authorised to handle classified information, they must undergo a security investigation under the terms stipulated in the legislation of June 15, 2004 on the classification of documents and security clearance. This investigation is conducted to determine whether the applicant meets the required standards of discretion, loyalty and integrity to access classified documents.


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